New Noise Song Premiere : Criminal by The Hollow Roots

" ‘Criminal’ is a song written about the band’s personal journey to find purpose in what it is we do. Sometimes, when you work so hard on something that means the world to you, and other people might not understand it, you can start to feel insane, or like a criminal. You want your music to mean something to other people."

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The Hollow Roots' Billy Kitterman talks New Album, Well-Aged Roots

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The Hollow Roots sound like a band who should be famous already. It’s not just the catchy name you could see lit up on venue marquees — it’s that they’re just so goddamn good. They play like they’ve been at it for decades, delivering high-energy performances and producing high-quality rock ‘n roll anthems to go hard to. It feels criminal that The Hollow Roots aren’t a household name yet, but we’re more than happy to take it slow."

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